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  • The PC version of Groove Coaster, based on Groove Coaster 3 Link Fever
  • Requires the player to log in to Steam once every seven days in order to play.
  • Release date: 7/16/2018

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Groove Coaster for Steam Song List


List of Avatars in Groove Coaster for Steam


In place of titles, Groove Coaster for Steam allows players to display Steam achievements they have earned. The icon for the achievement the player chooses to display is shown next to the player's Steam avatar on the leaderboards. There are achievements for reaching various milestones within the game overall, as well as on a per-song basis. Groove Coaster for Steam Achievements


Item Effect
SAFE Converts a MISS to a GOOD up to 10 times. (1,000 GC)
SUPER SAFE Converts a MISS to a GOOD up to 20 times. (4,000 GC)
MUSIC PLAYER Plays song correctly regardless of performance. (100 GC)
PERFECT PLAYER Replay the complete song including AD-LIBS, regardless of performance. (1,000 GC)
NO INFO Displays including GAUGE, RATING, and SCORE become invisible. (100 GC)
JUST Everything but GREAT timing will be counted as a MISS. (100 GC)

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