Song InformationEdit

Artist: COSIO

Composition/Arrangement: COSIO

BPM: 133

Default Skin: BASIC

First Appearance: Groove Coaster

Other Appearances:



Song Connections / RemixesEdit


  • Music Plot Type Zero is a default song in Groove Coaster, available from the beginning.
    • It can be unlocked as part of a special pack in Groove Coaster Zero if both Groove Coaster and Groove Coaster Zero are installed on the same device.
  • Music Plot Type Zero can be found on the original GROOVE COASTER Original Soundtrack & on the second disc of the later Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack.
  • Music Plot Type Zero acts as the tutorial song of Groove Coaster.
  • In Groove Coaster 2 Original Style, the following titles can be obtained relating to Music Plot Type Zero:
    • Music Plot Type Zero - S Rank on NORMAL difficulty
    • ゼロからのスタート - S++ on HARD difficulty

Difficulty & Notecounts Edit

Ratings and notecounts obtained from wikihouse.

Game Difficulty Target Ad-Lib Full Chain Max Score
Groove Coaster EASY 1 34 20 98 133,950
NORMAL 54 26 150 532,620
HARD 76 28 198 1,597,320
Groove Coaster Zero - Present EASY 1 34 20 98 266,490
NORMAL 2 54 26 150 2,101,320
HARD 5 76 28 198 9,317,160
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