The Beginning
Arrange / Composition COSIO Appearance

First: Groove Coaster (iOS)
Other: Groove Coaster ZERO, Groove Coaster AC

BPM 126 Genre Original Length ???



Song Connections / RemixesEdit


  • The Beginning serves as the staff roll theme of Groove Coaster, Groove Coaster Zero and Groove Coaster (AC).
    • It also serves as the basis of most of the system music in these games.
  • The Beginning is a default song in Groove Coaster, unlocked when Play merrily is cleared.
    • In Groove Coaster Zero, it is unlocked when a Taito ID is registered
    • In Groove Coaster (AC), it is available by reaching level 100.
    • As of Groove Coaster 2 Heavenly Festival, The Beginning is now a default song.
  • Despite being present on both arcade and console releases of Groove Coaster, The Beginning lacks AC mode difficulties in Groove Coaster 2 Original Style.
  • The Beginning initially lacked unique titles in the arcade version of Groove Coaster. Titles for The Beginning were added on 25/03/15.
  • The Beginning can be found on the original GROOVE COASTER Original Soundtrack & on the second disc of the later Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack.
    • The soundtrack version of The Beginning lacks hitsounds, unlike all the other songs in the soundtrack.
  • In Groove Coaster and Groove Coaster Zero, the stage design changes when more friends are registered.
    • As such, The Beginning lacks a difficulty number in these games.
  • In Groove Coaster 2 Heavenly Festival, the following titles can be obtained relating to The Beginning:
    • I ♥ The Beginning - Play 100 times
    • Beginning Master - S Rank or higher on all difficulties
    • - S++ Rank or higher on all difficulties
    • - 1,000,000 score on all difficulties
  • In Groove Coaster 2 Original Style, the following titles can be obtained relating to The Beginning:
    • The Beginning - S Rank on NORMAL difficulty
    • PLAY MASTER - S++ on HARD difficulty

Difficulty & Notecounts Edit

Ratings and notecounts obtained from wikihouse.

Game Difficulty Target Ad-Lib Full Chain Max Score
Groove Coaster EASY - 132 36 458
NORMAL 158 45 557
HARD 179 51 624

Groove Coaster Zero - Present

EASY 2 132 36 458 1,864,050
NORMAL 3 158 45 557 5,621,220
HARD 4 179 51 624 10,611,550

Groove Coaster (AC) - Present

SIMPLE 2 752 1,000,000
NORMAL 4 1,076 1,000,000
HARD 6 1,132 1,000,000
EXTRA - - - - -
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